Water & Sanitation

Access to safe water and sanitation is a major concern in most parts of India particularly in the rural areas. Lack of hygienic sanitation has an adverse impact on health and it is evident with the country home to half of the world's malnourished and underweight children.

We help the rural communities to recognize and fight for their right to water and sanitation. We sensitize them to use safe water. We conduct mass awareness campaigns to bring about attitudinal changes and help the rural communities adopt safe and hygienic sanitation practices.

We generate awareness on Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) and also implement the campaign in our area of operation. We help the communities to set up household and community sanitation facilities. We collaborate with all concerned stakeholders to ensure safe water and sanitation for the rural communities.

How to use pottable water. Importance of Hand wash before eating and cooking and after using toilets, Cleanlyness of surrounding of Hand pumps. Use of Sock-pits, Testing of water etc.

Make A Donation

The more social welfare activities we undertake, the more we understand that still a lot needs to be done, since sustainable social development is a huge task which requires equally huge financial as well as non financial resources. So we seek and welcome monetary and non monetary support from individuals, organizations, companies, charitable institutions to contribute towards our noble endeavour.

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