Women Empowerment

We conduct a host of activities to empower women. We firmly believe that women empowerment is a key to improve the life conditions of the rural masses. An woman empowered with knowledge and skills actively participates in the economic and decision making process and thus plays a key role to transform families and communities at large.

We inform women about their rights and entitlements and help them to avail the benefits of various welfare schemes. We also sensitize the male members of the community on the importance and benefits of gender equality.

We aim is to level the employment field for rural women by providing sustainable livelihood options that enhance women’ economic status, dignity and decision-making within their families. We have imparted skill training to rural women and helped them to secure employment and self-employment opportunities. We have motivated groups of women to form Self Help Groups and trained them to run financially viable enterprises.

Make A Donation

The more social welfare activities we undertake, the more we understand that still a lot needs to be done, since sustainable social development is a huge task which requires equally huge financial as well as non financial resources. So we seek and welcome monetary and non monetary support from individuals, organizations, companies, charitable institutions to contribute towards our noble endeavour.

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