About Us

Dostee is a registered trust established by Mr Pravin Kumar Thakur, a dedicated social worker. The organization has been working extensively in the rural areas of Godda district in Jharkhand since the last fifteen years. Dostee is working towards the development of the unserved and the underserved sections of the society. The organisation works in the field of health, education, livelihood (MgNrega), water and sanitation and women empowerment.

Dostee believes in a rights based and participatory approach. Hence it ensures effective participation and involvement of the beneficiary communities and all stakeholders at all stages of conceptualization, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects.


To develop a modern society based on social, moral and spiritual values by utilization of available skills and resources through empowerment of the Poor schedule caste, schedule tribes and minorities people, especially poor and needy women and children.


We envision to transform the lives of the rural masses by enhancing their access to various rights and entitlements and strengthening their participation in the socio-economic process.


  • To establish and manage educational institutions and promote the benefits of education.
  • To take part in all activities related to social development.
  • To provide vocational training to vulnerable women and form SHGs so that women can earn a decent living.
  • To organise programmes and campaigns on health care.
  • To empower the Panchayati Raj and organise mass campaign to ensure mass awareness and ensure transparent functioning.
  • To work in the field of conservation of natural resources.
  • To work for the development of women and children.

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